The B-Sides: Red Velvet (Velvet Side)

Red Velvet is widely known for their catchy and infectious pop tunes, and they often gain jaw-dropping popularity in Korea and worldwide. However, when they release slow, sentimental tunes, unfortunately, they don’t gain much attention. As a result, SM Entertainment has made an obvious effort to make Red Velvet release more Red songs than Velvet songs. I am quite upset that this is case, because when they do release ballads, they are often phenomenal and amazingly ethereal. Therefore, here are the Velvet songs that are often overlooked by their Red songs but are equally as memorable.

1. Light Me Up (Album: The Velvet)

I don’t really know how to describe this song, as the feelings it gives are pretty intangible. Well, I will try my best; Light Me Up has a chaotic peace to it. The contrast between their calming singing and the melody, where the noisy synths clash rapidly with high-pitched tinkles, is almost sure to fail, but somehow all of these elements come together as one coherent whole. The surprising production of the song, which is so unique in its structure, is what will make you come back from more. I did, too.

2. Cool Hot Sweet Love (Album: The Velvet)

Cool Hot Sweet Love is more “pop”ish than Light Me Up, making it more radio-friendly as well. It is also significantly more fast-paced than its counterparts, perfect for people who fall asleep if songs are too slow for taste. The song starts off at a bare minimum; sounds that are reminiscent of an electrocardiogram are then joined in by other sounds before climaxing at an ethereal and sweeping chorus. It is a 90s R&B track that is not to be missed if you are fan of the genre.

They don’t really have other songs on their Velvet side that are worth giving a special mention to. Nevertheless, the rest of their ballads are pleasant on the ears, albeit slightly unoriginal. Also, while you still have my attention, go listen to Automatic. Although it is a title track, it is a Velvet song that transports you back to the 90s in all its glory.

P.S: Also, I am sorry that I have not updated in so long… my computer had technical issues and it took two weeks to get it fixed 😦




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