Pristin – ‘SCHXXL OUT’ Review

After School used to be the sole girl group of Pledis Entertainment, and obviously, since the company needs to be viewed in a positive light in order to make a profit, new blood is needed. Finally, 8 years after After School’s debut, Pledis puts Pristin out into the Korean pop market. Their debut song, Wee Woo, is a rambunctious bundle of fun with an irrepressible, infectious energy exuding from every part of it. Continuing with the peppy and preppy schoolgirl concept that they have established with their first album is their second album, SCHXXL OUT. I am rather excited to see how it sounds.

Well, I shouldn’t have been too excited. SCHXXL OUT is an enjoyable listen, but only for the first time. After a while, it grates on your nerves because it sounds so typical. Not only that, the songs barely bring out the talent deep within the girls. No vocal ranges are highlighted, no rapping skills are truly brought into the spotlight. However, I would like to give huge props to the members of Pristin for having a huge role in the production and lyrics of the songs on the album. It takes a lot of courage for a rookie group to take on such a tenacious task.

We Like, the promotional track for this album, is a disappointment. There is nothing noteworthy or outstanding regarding the production of the song, and the chorus largely consists of annoying, discordant chants. It’s your average cheerful bubblegum pop song (or a downgrade from Wee Woo, depending on your perspective). It is a song that might grow on me after a while, but for now, it’s not the slightest bit catchy or memorable for me.

We Are Pristin experiences the same problem as We Like; it has huge potential that is annihilated by the lack of a satisfactory chorus. I can feel the slight R&B influences within the roots of the song, making it slightly more interesting than the rest of their songs. However, the chorus, which again consists of repetitive and nerve-grating mantras, is anticlimactic. Definitely not the song that Pristin would want to represent themselves through.

Aloha is bubblegum pop done right, unlike what has happened with We Like. Fun and enjoyable, one can’t help but smile at their cute and endearing voices. Each part of the song flows seamlessly with one another, something that is deficient in the previously mentioned tracks. Last but not least, it highlights their talent. The quirky piano chords and buoyant guitar strums only complement them and their bubbly personalities. I am satisfied with this song.

Tina has a slight tropical flavor to it, and I love that. But more importantly, I love this song because it has tropical roots without straying too far from their schoolgirl concept. It gives their discography a boost because of how different it sounds, but not too different. Not much else to say, but I can say again that I love this cute romp of a song.

Ending this album is You’re My Boy, which is unfortunately yet another disappointment. It’s good at being cute, but that’s about it. I can’t be bothered to remember any part of the song because it’s so dull and monotonous. If I were you, I would skip this song unless bright and endearing songs are your cup of tea.

SCHXXL OUT is not something I want to listen to it again. Well, I will listen to some of the songs on the album because they are pretty good, but for the rest of the songs, I won’t bat an eye towards them. This album only hits the tip of the iceberg of Pristin’s huge potential. And I hope their upcoming albums will discover more of it.

Overall rating: 6/10

What’s hot: Aloha, Tina

What’s not: We Are Pristin, We Like, You’re My Boy





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